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About Bamboo MAUI

Michael Bailie founded Bamboo Maui 30+ years ago out of his garage in Haiku, Maui. Since our founding, our product offerings may have evolved but our core values and ownership have remained the same. We are proud to say that we are still family owned and operated to this day by Michael’s two children, Sean and Michelle Bailie. Our mission is to provide quality materials that are sustainable, ethically sourced, and affordable. We aim to offer our community the widest selection of flooring and decking material options on Maui.

Come stop by our showroom in Wailuku, Maui and check out our showroom for yourself. Our highly knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to assist you.

Our Specialties

Our warehouse and showroom is located in Wailuku where have a huge selection of flooring products in stock and on display.

Our Offerings

The products we offer include hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, bamboo flooring, decking material, wall and ceiling paneling, bamboo poles, bamboo plywood, and bamboo fencing. We also offer many products available to flooring installers and contractors including finishes, adhesives, plywood, underlayment and sandpapers.

If you have any projects or questions please come in and see us. We would love to help!
Expert Floor Artisans

Experience 30 years of excellence with our team

What makes Bamboo Maui Bamboo products so worthwhile.

Our thermal treatment modifies the bamboo fibres thus increasing durability.

Decking with system

Tongue and Groove minimizes material waste during installation.

Durable and hard

Strong as steel and as long-lasting as tropical wood but CO2 positive.

Anti UV Shield

With our maintenance products guaranteed less greying as with Timber caused by UV Light.

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Production of Bamboo Maui and terraces

For the production of Bamboo Muai products only bamboo stems are used from sustainably managed bamboo forests. Each stalk must be at least 5 years old and harvested in the highlands.

Only Highland Bamboo has sufficient strength to meet our requirements for a modern and resistant terraces covering.

The stems are refined by a thermomechanical technology. This process has been further developed over decades to perfection and adapted to the requirements of a premium product.

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