We stock a wide variety of bamboo wall and ceiling panels. They are a great way to add color and texture to a room.

Almost all of our panels come in 4 x 8 sheets.

The majority of our panels are mounted on 1/4” marine grade plywood; however, we also carry some varieties un-mounted. We stock many of our panels in our warehouse on Maui and can ship throughout all of Hawaii.

Bathroom-Vanity with crushed
Pandan Lauhala Matting
Natural Slat Bamboo
Natural Sanded Crushed with Fil
Cane matting on ceilinpic2
Cabinets-with pandan matting with koa- rim
Wall Pannel
Wall Pannel
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Chocolate (Tambour 4x8)
Carbonized Sanded Unfinished (Tambour 4x8)
Natural Sanded Unfinished (Tambour 4x8)
Natural (Tambour 4x8)
Natural Woven Bamboo Lauhala Patter 4x8
Natural Woven Bamboo Lauhala Pattern 4x8
Natural Crushed with Black Fill Non-Sanded 4'x8' Mounted
Natural Woven Bamboo Lauhala Pattern 4x8
natural saguaran matting
bleached saguran matting
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