Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring



Our newest and fastest growing product is our bamboo strand woven flooring. There are many benefits to having a strand bamboo floor. Strand bamboo flooring is extremely durable; it is 150% harder than red oak. This makes strand bamboo flooring one of the most durable wood floors on the market. This hardness is achieved during the production process. The bamboo is first shredded and then condensed under high heat and pressure with resin, causing it to become extremely hard and durable. Our bamboo strand floors are 5/8” thick.

This allows you to re-sand and finish your floor up to three times. Our strand bamboo flooring is finished on all sides, which prevents uneven moisture saturation and protects your floor from bugs.The top coat is finished with a 7 coat aluminum oxide German finish that is abrasion resistant.The length of our strand bamboo floor is 6′ long and 5” wide. Our strand bamboo flooring is milled with a click lock installation system which allows the floor to be floated without the use of any glue. The click lock system is one of the easier floors to install which makes it user friendly if you are planning to do the install on your own. Strand bamboo flooring is ideal for homes, rentals, and commercial areas such as restaurants and stores. We stock both smooth and hand scraped/distressed bamboo strand flooring. If you have any questions on this remarkable product, please feel free to give us a call.

The following strand woven bamboo products are in stock: