Solid Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo Maui carries both traditional and strand woven bamboo floors. Bamboo flooring is an excellent option to consider when choosing a floor for your home or commercial space. Bamboo is a green, environmentally friendly, renewable resource which helps reduce the impact of deforestation on our planet. Bamboo is part of the grass family. Bamboo grows rapidly which allows it to be systematically cut down without impacting the bamboo forest. However, not all bamboo is ideal for building. We use a high density species of mature bamboo to ensure we achieve the ultimate strength and quality in our products. We stock a huge variety of both traditional and strand bamboo flooring.Our traditional bamboo flooring comes in both natural or carbonized face grain and vertical grain. Each board comes 3 ¾“ wide and 6’ long. Our traditional bamboo flooring is ⅝” thick and has a 7-layer high quality German aluminum oxide finish. The thickness allows the product to be refinished up to 3 times. We stock tongue and groove traditional bamboo flooring, which can be either nailed or glued down. If you want to install a floating traditional bamboo floor, we can also order the traditional bamboo flooring in engineered or a click lock system.

The following Solid Bamboo flooring products are in stock: