Wailuku,Kihei,Lahaina,Up Country, Maui Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Maui is a direct distributor of Flooring and Furniture products to all areas of Maui. We Deliver from Lahaina to Kihei, Wailea too Napili. Even Hana and everything in between. Our expert team will make sure that your flooring/products arrive safe and in a timely manner, guaranteed! Please call us today to see where on Maui we can deliver to you.

Our newest and fastest growing product is our bamboo strand woven floors. What makes them so different from other floors? First of all their durability is over 3,000 PSI on the Janka Hardness scale, making them far more durable than many other floors on the market. This hardness is achieved through how the process of the flooring is made. The bamboo is first shredded up and then condensed under high heat and pressure with resin making it extremely hard. The price is also very reasonable for the quality of floor you are getting. Our bamboo strand floors are 5/8” allowing you (the home owner) to re-sand your floor up to three times. The lengths of our strand bamboo floors are 6′ ft. and the widths are 5”. The locking mechanism designed for our strand bamboo floors are called a village lock which allows the strand bamboo flooring to click in making it a floating floor. Probably one of the easier floors to install out there it makes it very user friendly to install. This product is ideal for rentals and is now being used for commercial areas such as restaurants and stores. We also have in stock a few hand scraped/ distressed bamboo strand floors to hide even more wear such as scratches. If you have any questions on this remarkable product please feel free to give us a call.