Engineered Hardwood Flooring


Engineered flooring is an excellent option to consider when choosing a floor. An engineered floor can be installed using nails, glue or through floating. This allows engineered products to be extremely versatile as they can be used over any subfloor. Engineered floors are extremely stable as well. This is achieved through their production. Our engineered products are made by laminating a thick 4mm wood veneer on top of high quality plywood. The plywood is made up of 7 different layers of wood all running in different directions and acts to stabilize the floor. This creates an extremely stable product which is ideal in high moisture areas.

Bamboo Maui stocks an extensive range of engineered hardwood floors. Unlike many other engineered hardwood floors, ours feature a 4mm wear layer that allows it to be re-sanded twice. Our engineered floors are 5/8” thick and feature a 7-layer high quality aluminum oxide finish. The lengths and widths vary depending on the species of wood. We carry many varieties of engineered flooring in stock. We can also order any product in engineered if it is not in stock already. We excel in doing custom ordered floors.

The following engineered woods in stock:

The following is a gallery of our new Smooth Dark Acacia and Hand Scraped Dark Acacia Engineered Flooring.