Cork Flooring


Cork is another attractive flooring option because it’s a renewable resource and functional. Cork is harvested approximately every nine years from the living bark of the Cork Oak. The Cork is harvested in a steady cycle that promotes healthy growth of the tree over its lifetime of over 200 years. Cork is unlike any other material on earth by virtue of being both natural and manmade. It is comprised of extremely tight nit cells which allow it to be strong, forgiving and flexible. In one cubic inch alone there are over 100 million cells. These unique properties allow Cork to be light weight, rot resistant, compressible and recoverable, expandable, fire resistant in its natural state, impermeable, soft and buoyant. We stock a wide variety of high quality Cork flooring for a fraction of the cost in comparison to our competitors. Our cork flooring has a high quality aluminum oxide finish to ensure its durability. Each panel is 1’ wide by 3’ long and features a uni-click lock patented system, which allows the floor to be floated. he uni-click system is easy to install and very user friendly.  Each board is comprised of three layers. The center core is sandwiched between a top layer and bottom layer. The bottom layer is made of low density cork which provides excellent acoustic installation. The top layer is made of high density cork which is resistant to wear and tear. Our Cork Flooring comes with a limited residential lifetime and 15 year wear layer warranty to ensure you are happy with your cork floor for years to come.


* We sell all the transition moldings to match your cork floors and have them in stock!*